Saturday, January 28, 2012

KALEIDOSCOPE - Not Just For Kids

Ririe-Woodbury is and incredible dance company with incredible talent and am so inspired each and every time I have gone to one of their productions yet it's been so long since I have been able to go. Lately my innards have been needing new inspiration so when I saw the opportunity to enter to win Tickets to this
I was more than thrilled. Read the description of this production from their site:

"Giant elastic bands that define space like a huge cat’s cradle give form to the exciting work “Tensile Involvement.” “Noumenon” fascinates us with dancers moving in strict unison, creating dynamic forms while completely enshrouded in silver bags. Garish clowns, frolicking in a black light filled arcade, set the stage to entertain us in excerpts from “Gallery” (Premiere). “Kaleidoscope” brings strange-footed dancers balancing on discs, men hanging precariously out in space, and a pair of dancers on a journey while balancing a long pole between their feet. “Clothes,” a statement on fashion, features outlandish costumes which are changed on a whim by the characters on stage. This exciting collection of Nikolais’ works is presented here for the child in all of us!"

Gah! I want, no NEED to go to this! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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